Learn Why Merchant Processing Fees Are Higher for Some Businesses

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Every business that wants to succeed in today’s highly competitive world must have an online presence. They must be able to make the most of that presence by being able to process payments and use e-commerce to fire up the sale.  This promotes the building of customer loyalty with new clients. This means they need credit card processing services. However, not every business will find it that easy.

The truth is that shopping for a good deal is a very different experience between businesses, especially if one is considered generally high-risk and the other isn’t. Merchant processing fees can vary enormously between providers as well, meaning each situation has to be approached differently to find the best business solution.

Why Are Fees Different?

Fees can differ for a variety of reasons but there’s one particularly common reason that sets different types of businesses apart. There are certain businesses that tend to be a higher risk for a merchant account provider to service. This can be because of smaller profit margins, more work, chargebacks, and fraudulent purchases; leaving them to absorb the difference after reversing the transaction.

If a business is in a general industry that is considered to be “high-risk,” their fees are going to be higher.

What Is A “High-Risk” Business?

A high-risk business is any business that is susceptible to fraud or is known for having charges reversed (chargebacks), or has a high level of e-commerce reversals online. Every reversed charge costs the company money and enough of these combined results in a merchant account provider losing money each time.

There are many different industries that fit this mold and it is entirely possible that an industry that is acceptable in one provider’s estimation will be considered high-risk by another.

Here is a short list of some particularly high-risk industries:

Adult websites

Membership websites of all types

Any business selling alcohol

Debt collection

International travel

International commerce

Web hosting

Any business even remotely resembling MLM

This doesn’t mean they can’t open a merchant account – only that it’s going to cost them more and will take more effort to find someone who will work with them. This is the exact same niche that HighRiskSolutions.com prides itself on working in.

In Conclusion

There are solutions for businesses who need help in getting their merchant processing account setup so as they can accept credit card payments and expand their business. Any business burdened with the problem of being considered high-risk because of their industry should contact HighRiskSolutions.com. See what they can do to get you a merchant account set up so you can process credit cards. Finding the right provider can be a challenge but doing so makes all the difference in helping your business grow.

BDSwiss experiences

BD Swiss is one of the top addresses. A review with test results.

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BDSwiss (also, BD Swiss, formerly Banc de Swiss) is an investment for binary optionsand has gained enormously in popularity in the last few months. BDSwiss is headquartered in Cyprus and trades there under Keplero Holdings Limited. BDSwiss is characterized by a strong focus on the German market, a branch of the company is located in Frankfurt’s banking district.

A regulation by the BaFin does not take place currently but still. The minimum deposit of only 100,-euro and the possibility of making trades already from an amount of5 euro are particularly pumped.

I want to try BD Swiss now

Reliability and security

Despite lack of regulation by the BaFin BDSwiss is safe, reliable and fair. Through the company’s headquarters in Cyprus, the Cyprus securities and Exchange Commission (CySec short) is responsible, this regulated license number 199/13 BDSwiss.

The customer is subject to the terms and conditions of BDSwiss, which are availableon the Web page. The German terms and conditions are fully treatable valid at BDSwiss a plus – because at some other broker in the industry, the English-language terms and conditions take precedence over the German translation have in the event of a dispute.

Account opening – deposits – withdrawals

The opening of an account in BDSwiss works quickly and easily. Necessary details are only her own name, E-Mail address, date of birth, telephone number, gender, andcountry of residence necessary. And even this short procedure can be reduced evenfurther, if you register with an existing Facebook, Google or Windows Live account.

Later, you have also the possibility to expand his profile through other details such as an own profile photo. The opening of a demo is version of the virtual play moneyaccount to request customer support possible. A demo account allows the trader totest a strategy without risk.

The minimum deposit amount is 100,-euro and thus significantly below the industry average — other broker request usually a first deposit of at least 200,-euro. This initial deposit can be made at broker BDSwiss about a wide range of different payment systems: credit card (Visa, MasterCard), bank transfer, giropay, Paysafe Card, Ukash, Postepay, Sofortüberweisung, eps (formerly netpay), Skrill Moneybookers and Maestro (debit card).

PayPal is currently at BDSwiss still not on sale. The amount paid must be traded at least once, otherwise BDSwiss reserves a processing fee in the amount of 5% of the payment amount or at least 25 euros.

Can credit card payments (the two most famous – visa and MasterCard), bank transfer and Skrill Moneybookers are carried out. The minimum withdrawal amount is 100,-euro. In accordance with the terms and conditions withdrawal requests will be processed within five days – in practice, it is often even faster. It should, because five days are not adequate for a simple withdrawal request in our opinion.

BD Swiss offers many niche payment systems, which is both commendable – PayPalweighs up from customer point of view but limited the current waiver of the industry giants.

The BDSwiss trading platform

The technique of the BDSwiss trading platform comes from SpotOption – a company which is fully specialized on the development of trading binary options. In the test,the system stable, has himself and proved to be user friendly.

A special benefit of BDSwiss is the integration of a trades choice statistics directly under the respective charts – this gives information on how other traders use in real time.

USD / JPY option with traders choice statistics

USD / JPY option with traders choice statistics

The installation of additional software is not necessary, it can be directly regardlessof the operating system and traded quickly in the browser. For users of smartphones and tablets, there is an iPhone / iPad app in the iTunes app store, Android users (for example, Samsung Galaxy series, LG, HTC) will find it in the Google play store. BDSwiss offers a Web app that automatically starts when you call of the page via a mobile device browser users of BlackBerry and Windows phone devices. Web apps (even responsive HTML 5 apps called) have the advantage that they don’t need to be installed or updated.

BD Swiss mobile app logon

Registration through the BD Swiss Web-app

An overview of the offered types of trade

The traditional put / call (also known as high / low or up / down) trades are the basic variant of binary options and BD Swiss terms of 30, 60 and 120 seconds (Turbo orShor

Try Out Free Time Clock Software From TimeClockHub.com

There are many fantastic free time clocks out there online and as more and more businesses see the amazing benefits that can come with using these helpful programs, the demand is only going to continue to grow. TimeClockHub.com isn’t just riding a reputation as being one of the early providers of outstanding time clock programs online. They work to keep providing better and better benefits for customers new and old alike. Loyal customers don’t get left behind, and the best of the tools don’t get withheld from new customers. So what does TimeClockHub.com have to offer you?

Good Time Clocks Matter

While many people still have an image of the old punch card system in their heads when it comes to time clocks, technology has definitely changed that. Online time clocks are more common now and by having this software online (often for free), employers and employees both get to enjoy some very strong benefits that come with a quality time clock.

This allows employers to keep track of hours, see when their employees are really getting the most work done, and even connect that software with programs to help take care of payroll, save money from needing less help in Human Resources (HR), and being able to create reports that can then be customized to meet the specific needs of the individuals using the system. If you’re looking at the free online employee and employer time clocks, you will be very hard pressed to find anyone who competes with the overall packages and benefits provided by the professionals at TimeClockHub.com.

Important Features

There are many great features that come with the time clocks that come from TimeClockHub.com. Just a few of the most notable include:

– Online employee scheduling tools

– Employee time tracking

– Payroll reporting

– Employee check-in and check-out

– Customized reports and notification features

Why Go with TimeClockHub.com?

While it is true that there are multiple online websites and companies that specialize in providing exceptional time clocks, it’s hard to compete with the best, and there’s good reason why this company proudly boasts about being among the best. They have already helped over 50,000 businesses, which creates an amazing track record you can look at. In addition to this, the extras like customized reports, ability to track work, and ability to keep in touch even when traveling from the main office.

Not every single time clock provider can give you these extra features and benefits, so when you find one that can provide them, it is definitely worth noting. Why settle for second rate when you can enjoy the best in markets?

In Conclusion

When it comes to using the finest in free time clock software for employees, it’s time to look at just what TimeClockHub.com has to offer. This isn’t just another clock in and clock out system, but there are so many additional benefits that can truly make any business run more smoothly and efficiently. When you put all of this together, it creates a great argument for why you need to give them a chance to make your business proce

Successful CEO Helping to Curb Michigan Drug Problem

Where it once may have seemed that drug abuse and addiction problems were somewhat localized to specific communities in specific states, the fact is that these problems have grown steadily more common over the past decade.  Prescription drug abuse and addiction is now of epidemic proportions, which more individuals losing their lives to these dangerous drugs each year than cocaine and heroin combined.  There is simply no arguing the fact that drug abuse and addiction problems are currently adversely affecting people in every community in every state across our nation.  And while drug use, abuse and addiction problems are not new to our country, they have been growing alarmingly fast in recent years, prompting various government agencies and other groups to more aggressively reach out in an attempt to address and resolve the problem.  It certainly may be argued that the war against drugs feels like a constant uphill battle where some ground may be gained in one area, only to be lost in another, but the truth is that every step that is taken toward helping individuals better understand and prevent these problems from continuing to occur and spread is a step worth taking.  This is precisely how Per Wickstrom is helping Michigan–one step at a time.

Michigan’s Drug Problems

Michigan has long suffered extensive drug abuse and addiction problems and has therefore often rated as one of the most drug-affected states in the nation. According to the most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health, roughly nine percent of Michigan residents admitted to past-month use of illicit drugs, while the national average was right around eight percent.  The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reported that over three and a half percent of Michigan residents reported using an illicit drug other than marijuana in the past month, which was almost exactly the national average.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over fifteen hundred Michigan residents died as a direct result of drug use in 2007, as compared to over twelve hundred Michigan residents dying from motor vehicle accidents and over one thousand Michigan residents dying from firearms that same year.  This exceeded the national average of just under thirteen deaths per every hundred thousand individuals at over fifteen deaths per every hundred thousand individuals. The El Paso Intelligence Center’s National Seizure System reported that in the two years between 2007 and 2009, meth lab seizure incidents in the state increased an alarming two hundred ninety percent, from one hundred seventy-four incidents to six hundred seventy-nine incidents.

The rate of drug use, abuse, addiction and overdoses in Michigan has not gone unnoticed, and more and more communities, groups and individuals are taking action to help turn the tide.  Per Wickstrom is one of these individuals.

About Per Wickstrom

The struggles that drug abusers and addicts suffer through are not foreign to Per Wickstrom, as he has gone through these struggles himself.  He was first introduced to alcohol when he was only thirteen years old, and he remembers watching his father routinely recover from a hard day’s work with alcohol.  He quickly learned that when he reached for a drink he then felt better–and alcohol became the way for him to hide from his problems and difficulties.  Seeking even more relief, he began to use marijuana as well, and found himself kicked out of his home when he was fifteen.  Unfortunately, this only served to drive him deeper into drug use.

Per found himself living with individuals who were much older, and who were using cocaine.  He too tried this powerful stimulant drug and quickly found himself spiraling even further into the abyss of drug addiction.  He eventually sought for help from multiple rehab facilities and programs, and with great luck finally connected with one that was able to help him fully address and overcome his drug addiction problems.

Once Per graduated from rehab, he decided that he wanted to help others achieve the same success he had achieved, and he dedicated himself to opening rehabilitation treatment facilities that would allow others to also successfully address and resolve their drug abuse and addiction problems.  Per is the founder and CEO of A Forever Recovery, which is an open-ended residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment program located in Battle Creek, Michigan.  He has also founded several other programs located in both Michigan and Indiana, and has helped thousands of individuals to fully recover from their drug problems.

Per believes that having readily available treatment is key to helping individuals address and resolve their drug abuse and addiction problems, but he feels it is also very important to provide individuals with a natural approach to treatment that will help them establish the firm foundation they need to move smoothly into a better future.  He has developed several programs that help to address emotional, behavioral, spiritual and physical aspects of addiction, so that his clients not only benefit from overcoming their physical dependence on drug substances, they also develop strong coping techniques, valuable strategies to help them avoid temptation and relapse triggers, and new ways to approach their lives in general.  Per points out that no one can tell someone who is struggling with addiction what they have to do in order to achieve sobriety, but they can show that individual what tools they have open to them, and encourage them to see that they have the power to change and improve their own life.




Robust Reporting and Web Interface Tools Delivered with the DLS Hosted PBX5.1

(Chicago, IL) DLS Internet Services (www.dls.net), a technology company providing hosted Unified Communications platform (DLS hosted PBX), co-location, hosted Network Attached Storage and network consulting services,announced today the release of version 5.1 fortheir hosted VoIP platform.

New features include easy integration with Salesforce.com™, an integrated simple chat and newbrowser-based license-free softphone. Other improvements include a series of reporting tools that allow business managers access to strategic data points necessary for efficient business operations.

“This release brings a number of new features requested by our clients,” noted Sam Rozenfeld, CEO. “Much of our planning went toward increasing the value of our unified communications service without adding a cost to our customers. It is our goal to keep innovating on behalf of our clients, keeping them ahead in the area of unified communications technology.”

As a part of DLS’ commitment to providing value-added services and consulting expertise, the company completed an extensive beta testing program in October and will begin migrating existing customers to the new software over the coming weeks. As with prior releases, DLS will offerfree hands-on training.

This release represents DLS’s strategic goal of providing comprehensive communications solutions for small and mid-size enterprises. The full list of added features and functionality can be found on the company’s PBX website.

About DLS Internet Services

DLS Internet is a successful provider of Information Technology and Voice over IP solutions for small and medium size enterprises. The company is privately held and enjoys strong expertise in IT networking, network security, data center operations, VoIP telephony and fixed wireless broadband (RF). DLS owns and operates two datacenter facilities in the Chicago Metro area providing monitoring and 24×7 support to ensure continued and reliable service.

How Can I Start a Christian Financial Planning Home Based Business to Earn Profits?

How can I start a Christian financial planning home based business? A large number of people today are considering home based businesses simply because of the fact that they offer flexible hours, good financial freedom and the ability to use Christian beliefs and principles at work. If you are good at financial topics like taxation, investment planning, risk management then it can be a great opportunity for you to start a finance based business at home without much investment and enjoy helping fellow Christians who may need your advice to handle their finances.

How can I start a Christian financial planning home based business? Decide on your business principles and mission

One of the most important steps for you would be to first decide on the business principles that you want to use and them craft your mission statement. Having a mission statement will guide you in the right direction when you start your business so it is very necessary to first think about what you want your business to be and then develop the rest of your business plan. With so many scriptures in the Bible, you will find a lot of inspiration to think about your mission statement.

How can I start a Christian financial planning home based business? Decide on your target customers

Next, you will have to think about the customers and the niche market that you want to target. This will be one of the most important steps in setting up your business since all your financial, marketing, business plans and goals will depend on the target market and the niche that you select. You should try and understand the different niches and then learn a little bit more about the requirements and the expectations of these target customers for the best results.

Set up the business

You will then have to actually develop a solid plan. Decide about the products and services that you want to market, make a list of the expenses, come up with a financial plan and develop your marketing strategy. Once you plan all of these in details would come the final step of actually setting up your business. You will have to start a blog or a website in the first place and try to make it as attractive and informative as possible.

You should remember that since it is a financial planning business and since others would be trusting you with their hard earned money, you will have to provide them the trust that they would be looking for. How can I start a Christian financial planning home based business? It is easier that you would have thought it to be.

Learn more about How can I start a Christian financial planning home based business.Thomas Freers is Christian and has been serving the body of Christ for over two decades. He teaches Biblical Principles on a balance life and is an Online Marketing Coach for what is arguably the World’s Largest Internet Marketing School available today. He specializes in Article Marketing, Social Media networking and various other marketing strategies and works with small and large companies to help them customize their marketing campaigns. With over 50 different marketing strategies available today you must learn which one suits your personality

Effective Financial Planning For Businesses

Financial planning is paramount to the success of any company, whether that business is just starting up or well established. An organization or corporation can have a solid objective and a good idea about where their business is headed, but until these goals are affordable enough to pursue, growth will be at a standstill. Financial planning allows businesses to assess their vision and reorganize their goals in order to achieve success.

Financial planning is imperative for the success of any business – at every level of operation. Whether a person is running a lemonade stand or managing the financial department of a Fortune 500 company, sound financial planning can make or break the success of a business. Unfortunately, a clever motto and a rock solid business plan can only get you so far. If your business goals aren’t actually achievable, your company will run out of funding and eventually jobs will be lost and growth will become stagnant.

However, you can eliminate the guesswork when it comes to business financial planning. There are services offered by reputable companies that specialize in helping start-up businesses get off the ground and helping experienced companies optimize their financial plans. These financial service providers have accountants that work directly with each client, allowing for streamlined communication and the development of a solid financial plan. In this way, financial advisors help companies of all sizes maximize profits and successfully achieve their business goals.

Experienced financial planners can also help solve existing problems a company may be facing. Whether a company is in debt or on its way into debt, financial planners can create forward-looking proposals that span years in advance to help businesses formulate the best plan possible given the company’s unique financial circumstances. A proven financial advising firm can also help set up an in-house accounting system and even offer helpful investment and tax advice. When seeking the right financial advisor, however, it is essential to look for accountants that have a positive track record of success and can offer affirmative feedback from past and current clients.

Financial planning for businesses is a vital element for success. A sound business plan can be created and amended at any point in a company’s lifetime and can be used to guide the company through constructive changes and positive growth. Most importantly, plans can help corporate executives make future decisions when it comes to business agreements and expansion in an evolving market.

A Downside to the Financial Planning Business

I am a fee-only financial planner, which means I never collect commissions on the investments I recommend, and I love my job. I work on projects that fascinate and enthrall me. I meet great people who place planning for the future and fiscal responsibility as a priority (my kind of people!), and I interact with experienced, knowledgeable professionals who make it their responsibility to always do what is best for their clients.

Most importantly, I truly love helping people. The list of individuals that I have helped get on track to meet their financial goals and enjoy the retirement they envision is constantly growing. I value these close personal relationships, and I can’t explain how important it is to me to contribute to my clients’ success.

However, this emotional investment comes with a downside. Occasionally, I meet someone who could certainly benefit from my services, but I am unable to communicate my value, causing the individual to not utilize my knowledge. It breaks my heart to see someone who could likely enjoy a less stressful life by investing in my services walk away. Additionally, this scenario makes me feel like a failure — there was someone I could have and should have helped, but I was unable to enunciate my value, and consequently, the individual will miss an opportunity to improve their standard of living or reduce stress.

There are so many ways I can help. For some, it may be as simple as assuring them they are on the right road to get from point A to point B. For others, I am able to help by significantly reducing their investment costs. Others could certainly benefit from having a professional plan and investment portfolio built specifically for their needs and risk tolerance. Still others could use help managing their debt or redefining their strategy when failing to meet retirement projections.

Many financial planners offer a complimentary initial consultation to learn more about your situation and how they can help. This is your time to discuss anything you like. Most quality planners commit to helping you as much and in the best way possible. Fee-only financial advisors do this because they believe that once you have a chance to sample the value they can add to your financial life, you will be excited to move forward with them as your financial partner. Please, invest an hour toward having a better life. Call a fee-only financial planner today to schedule a complimentary consultation.